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Her Sport is Ireland’s only media platform dedicated to women in sport. Her Sport was founded due to a clear underrepresentation of women’s sport in the media. Currently just 6% of sports media coverage is given to women which has a critical rippling effect. Without airtime and coverage female athletes lose out on sponsorship, fans and opportunities.

By the age of 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys. This is not for a lack of passion or skill. Women and girls’ sport are under-promoted, robbing young girls and boys of role models they can aspire to be like.

Her Sport aims to give young girls and women the platform to celebrate and champion their achievements and share their stories. Their goal is to empower women in sport at all levels by providing high-quality and game-changing content that you can’t get anywhere else. Her Sport are determined to redefine the way women’s sports news and content is consumed. 

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